Edward Durant

This Early American pattern set is from the Esther Brazer Stevens Collection at the Museum of American Folk Art.  Brazer Stevens recorded authentic stencil patterns, including this one from the Edward Durant House in Newton, MA, c. 1734.  The lovely diamond pattern is well complemented by the floral border. 

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Edward Durant Floorcloth #1

Size: 7’ 4” x 9’ 5”
Background Color: Goldfield
Motif Colors: Brown madder
Custom gold
French blue
Pale gold
This palette employs micaceous golds on top of a gold background. The effect is that the pattern can partially disappear depending on current lighting and your position relative to the floorcloth, such that the impression of the design changes as you walk across it.

(Item # ED01. This pattern is priced at a rate of $50/SF.)

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