Floorcloth Collections

Ariel Grace Design specializes in custom floorcloths of all types.  We have developed four collections, shown here, that are organized around themes we have worked with over time.  We hope that in perusing these collections, you may find a pattern that appeals to you, or perhaps you have your own ideas about the design you are looking for.  We are interested in growing our collections in all directions, and look forward to adding modern floorcloth designs, traditional floorcloth design, Early American floorcloth designs and more.  We look forward to working with you to create the perfect floorcloth for your home or office. 

The Dresser Collection is based on the work of the iconic British designer, Christopher Dresser, primarily from his seminal 1875 book, "Studies in Design". We have taken patterns that we feel adapt particularly well to rug design and created stencils and layouts that result in beautiful, custom floorcloths. The examples shown here can be reproduced in different shapes, sizes and colorways.

The Muse Collection is based on patterns that inspire us.  We have used wallpaper, fabrics, ceilings, rugs, and other sources of patterns that we have turned into stencils as well as ready-made designs from stencil companies.

The Geometric Collection borrows from designs found in linoleum, tile, wood and other flooring patterns, primarily from sources that date back 100 years or more.  We encourage custom work based on client-supplied pattern possibilities.

This Collection includes our favorite patterns from floorcloth company Gracewood Design, which our co-founder, Gwen Jones, co-founded in 2004.  Recently, we were able to acquire the stencil assets of Gracewood Design and we will be offering a growing selection of floorcloths based on these fabulous patterns.