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A charming motif from our All-Over-Floral pattern.

Beautifully crafted, custom-designed canvas rugs.

A charming motif from our All-Over-Floral patten.
Custom All-Over-Floral Floorcloth made to fit the unusual shape of this lovely entry into a restored Firehouse in Portland, OR.
Custom Trellis & Vine floorcloth, with handpainted corner elements based on the fruit carvings in the buffet.
Custom Greek Windmill floorcloth providing a cheery palette in this sunroom.
Custom Maple Leaf floorcloth sized to perfectly fit the craftsman style dining set.
Custom StarFlower floorcloth with a palette and shape that perfectly compliment the appointments in this Reading Room.

Floorcloth Collections »

The Dresser Collection is based on the work of Christopher Dresser, an iconic British design visionary. This collection demonstrates how a snippet of excellent pattern can be translated into a full floorcloth/canvas rug design. The Muse Collection consists of floorcloths that are based on inspirational patterns in fabrics, ceilings, rugs, wallpaper, and other sources. The Geometric Collection creates floorcloths from designs found in linoleum, tile, marble, wood and other floor patterns.

Floorcloth Benefits

Floorcloths are remarkably durable, easy to clean and hypoallergenic.  They can be customized in every way to enhance any home or commercial environment.  As they protect floors and are unaffected by spills, floorcloths are particularly well suited for kitchens, dining rooms,entryways and hallways. Any space is elevated by the beauty and practicality of these heirloom-quality floor coverings. 

For more information about the canvas floor cloth options we offer at Ariel GraceDesign, give us a call at 503-206-2631 or send an email to info@arielgracedesign.com.  Whether you prefer traditional floor cloths, historic floor cloths, linoleum-patterned floor cloths, or a custom floor cloth, based on your favorite pattern, we are looking forward to working with you.