Greek Deco

Another visionary Dresser design.  This one has a decidedly deco form and creates a marvelous tiled effect, with many layers that allow for multiple opportunities for palette exploration.  The combination of elements results in stars, squares, rays of light, wings, and fleur de lis. 

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Greek Deco Floorcloth #3

Size: 5' 11" x 7' 9"
Background Color: Milk and honey
Motif Colors: Copper
Custom green
Custom pink
Rich gold

This floorcloth was designed to compliment Lonesome Pictopia's Chanterelles wallpaper in their Monte Carlo colorway.  We employed the Greek Deco pattern in half size, which creates an intricate pattern of deco ornaments and diamond sunbursts.  The border is a greek key pattern that pairs well with the interior Dresser pattern.  

The wallpaper changes color from every angle and we attempted to emulate the dynamic nature of the paper by using multiple layers of paint and color blending, along with several metallics, and the floorcloth also changes in color and light reflection as you move around and on top of it.  

(Item # GD03. This pattern is priced at a rate of $55/SF.)

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