This is the first Dresser pattern we worked with, clearly seeing how it could be adapted to stencils and how great it would be for a floorcloth design.  We loved the original Dresser palette and the first piece we made with the pattern, a rather complicated U-Shaped design, employed this colorway.  Several additional colorways have been explored as have different shapes, all working beautifully in this versatile design.

StarFlower Floorcloth #4

Size: 2' 5" x 4' 11"
Background Color: Sparrow
Motif Colors: Custom grey
Custom yellow orange
Rich gold
This version of the StarFlower pattern takes a motif set that has always struck us as "Early American" and imbues more of a Japanese design sensibility, with the use of large micaceous gold border stripes that provide a field for both the center pattern and the "border" motif, used only on the top and bottom of the design here.  This floorcloth is in our inventory and available for sale at a price of $600.  Contact us for more information.  (Item # SF04)

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