Graves Circles and Scrolls

This pattern is based on a wallpaper design from the Robert Graves Co. Wallpaper Company, c. 1880s.  The interior motifs with their whimsical circles of leaves and berries are from Bolling & Company's remarkable wallpaper archive. 

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Graves Circles and Scrolls Floorcloth #3

Size: 7' x 8'
Background Color: SafariStripe gloucester green
Motif Colors: Custom gold
Custom greens

The border pattern is a lovely intertwining scroll pattern that has been sized to the perfect dimension for this floorcloth footprint.  The corner motifs are from our StarFlower series.  The palette is similar to that of Graves Scrolls & Circles #2, but slightly modified to work with the pale blue walls of the home office this floorcloth resides in.  

 (Item GRR03. This pattern is priced at a rate of $55/SF.)

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