Greek Key

This pattern masterfully integrates Greek Key, geometric, floral, and stylized Fleur de Lis motifs into a compelling design.  It is rare to have a Greek Key element that is not part of a border design, or, occasionally, an all-over design.  This one treats the Greek Key as an individual motif.

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Greek Key Floorcloth #4

Size: 9' 5" x 9' 5"
Background Color: Tumeric
Motif Colors: Custom green
Custom purple
Custom red
Rich gold


This floorcloth was made for the dining room of a charming 1916 Bungalow in Portland, Oregon.  The pattern compliments several appointments in the room including the fluted back of the chair in the corner, details in a wall hanging, and the frame of a wall mirror.  

(Item # GK04. This pattern is priced at a rate of $55/SF.)

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