Vines & Berries

This floorcloth is based on another terrific stencil from The Stencil Library.  Is it Arts & Crafts or does it have more of a 70s vibe?  It is somehow both organic and stylized simultaneously.   The undulating vines, the leaves, the berries...simple, yet complex.  For us, at least, it is an enigma.

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Vines & Berries Floorcloth #2

Size: 7' x 10'
Background Color: Kilim beige
Motif Colors: Custom blue
Custom greens

This floorcloth was commissioned by clients in Milton, Georgia.  They were completing a kitchen renovation and painted their island Benjamin Moore's Raintree Green, which is also the leaf color in the floorcloth but done with a sea glass effect such that the density of the color is variable which gives this lovely pattern additional visual interest.  

(Item # VB02. This pattern is priced at a rate of $55/SF.))

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