This pattern is based on a tin ceiling design from the Wunderlich Ceiling Company's 1912 catalog (the last photo is the design as shown in the catalog.)  Wunderlich was an Australian company that produced a fabulous array of tin ceiling designs, many of which are adaptable to rug design.  The examples of floorcloths shown here always use the central element of the wonderfully misshapen squares and art nouveau floral design, and then all or some portion of the other elements, depending on the size and shape of the floorcloth.

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Wunderlich Floorcloth #7

Size: 4' 11" x 16' 10"
Background Color: Cream cloak
Motif Colors: Custom greens
Custom pinks

Wunderlich Floorcloth #7 resides in a lovely, eclectically furnished beach house in Gearhart, Oregon.  

(Item WL07. This pattern is priced at a rate of $60/SF.)

Design Variations

All Ariel Grace Design floorcloths can be made in different sizes, configurations and palettes. Learn about how we make our floorcloths, how to care for them and how they are priced.