Hamilton Grange

Alexander Hamilton, the first United States Secretary of the Treasury, a Founding Father, and political philosopher moved into the Hamilton Grange in 1802.

A five-year restoration project was completed in 2011 and as part of this effort, three floorcloths were commissioned by John G. Waite and Associates, the architectural firm working on the restoration. The floorcloth pattern is based on a remnant from the architect’s archives, which followed a John Carwitham design.

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Hamilton Grange Floorcloth #1-3

Size: 11' 9" x 18' 2"
Background Color: Racoon hollow
Motif Colors: Black
Essex green
Navajo white

The floorcloths are in the front and back entry hall, as well as a side hall and are installed wall-to-wall.  The respective floorcloths measure 11' 9" x 18' 2", 8' 8" x 18' 5" and 5' 1" x 9' 9". 

(Item HG01.  This pattern is priced at $55/SF.)

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