This pattern is a German interlocking circle design with a somewhat Victorian feel and lots of nice detailing.  Depending on the palette used, the overall effect can be that of a field of color, or a more distinct pattern of interlocking circles.  This pattern has been explored in many different colorways.

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Grace Floorcloth #4

Size: 3' x 5' 4" x 7' 7"
Background Color: Winds breath
Motif Colors: Custom red
Homestead green
Jamestown blue

This floorcloth was made to cover the whole kitchen work area. 

(Item # AG04. This pattern is priced at a rate of $50/SF.)

All Ariel Grace Design floorcloths can be made in different sizes, configurations and palettes. Learn about how we make our floorcloths, how to care for them and how they are priced.