Eidsvoll 1814

This pattern was chosen by Eidsvoll 1814, Norway's Constitutional Museum, when they were looking for an appropriate floorcloth design for their dining room in preparation for their Bicentennial celebration in 2014.  The pattern is based on a design from Calke Abbey, a historic property in the UK. 

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Eidsvoll 1814 Floorcloth #1

Size: 13' 3" x 17' 1/2"
Background Color: Custom white
Motif Colors: Black
Custom red

This floorcloth is over 13' wide and the width of the cotton duck #4 canvas we use is 10'.  In order to make a floorcloth that is wider than the canvas, we use a double-layer construction to produce a nearly seamless surface.  

(Item EID01. This pattern is priced at a rate of $60/SF.)


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