How We Work With You

We work with clients both in person, if local, and via email and phone, to obtain an understanding of the design, palette, size and shape of perfect floorcloth for your space. We have decades of experience working with clients remotely.

Determine the ideal size of the floorcloth

We can work with images of your space to advise you on optimal size based on your room configuration and desired coverage.

Determine the pattern

Ariel Grace Design has a growing portfolio of floorcloth patterns. Perhaps one of our existing patterns will work for your floorcloth – the palette, pattern layout and even motif size will likely change to suit your space. We can also work to source or create the perfect design for your space. Working from images of the room and a sense of what sort of designs appeal to you, we can survey the rich trove of stencil patterns available via third parties or, create stencils from a beloved pattern.

Determine the pattern layout

Based on the size, shape and patterns chosen, we will determine the optimal layout for your floorcloth.

Determine the palette

You can specify the paint colors you would like us to use for each element of the floorcloth pattern using Benjamin Moore or another national paint company’s color options. Or, using images of the room and its appointments, we can suggest a palette for your floorcloth.

Creating the sample

We will make a floorcloth sample that employs the pattern and palette we have arrived at. We charge $75 (shipping included) for a sample (which can be used under pet bowls or for other purposes) and highly encourage this investment in “proof of concept” for the work we have done so far. It is one thing to imagine how a set of colors will look together when applied to design and it is another to actually see how they work and to really understand the motif sizes and how the overall effect works in your space. If tweaks are needed, they can be determined prior to production. Generally, it takes us a few days to produce a sample and we use ground shipping - delivery within the US can take up to one week.


Our typical interval for floorcloth production is four to eight weeks, depending on our workload. We use ground shipping - delivery within the US can take up to one week. We do ship internationally.