The Fickling Building is the tallest structure in Macon, Georgia, and was built in 1969. We made floorcloths for the floor of its four elevator cars that resemble Emperador Dark Marble tile in 12” squares.  Each “tile” was individually fauxed and each floorcloth is slightly different, just as an actual tile installation would be.

(Item # FM01. This pattern is priced at a rate of $60/SF.))

Rufus Porter (1792-1884] was an artist, musician, teacher, inventor, and founder of Scientific American magazine. Porter began his artistic life as a decorative painter. He moved on to portraits and later began painting the murals that made him famous. He painted what he knew — landscapes depicting the farms around Bridgton, Maine, his childhood home, and seaport scenes of Portland, Maine, where he lived and studied as a young man.  His style is very recognizable.