The Autumn Leaves design was derived from a 1915 Frorlicht-Dunker rug catalog and this unusual design is by rug manufacturer Dominion Axminster. 

This very versatile pattern works for a variety of different floorcloth shapes and sizes.

Another visionary Dresser design.  This one has a decidedly deco form and creates a marvelous tiled effect, with many layers that allow for multiple opportunities for palette exploration.  The combination of elements results in stars, squares, rays of light, wings, and fleur de lis. 


This pattern was loosely inspired by tin ceiling designs.  We look forward to exploring this wonderful design in other palettes.

This pattern is based on a series of classic European stencils from the early 1900s designed for ceilings.  Great ceiling designs are often great rug designs.  The scrolling pattern and floral motifs are lovely and the set includes a center medallion, corners, and side stencils all incorporating the same decorative elements.