Holmes Linoleum

This extraordinary linoleum pattern was found in a kitchen in Astoria, Oregon.  We think it dates to about 1900. The design includes interlocking circles, scrolls, and organic floral elements.  The intricacy of the mosaic-style pattern, with its 1/8" elements makes it impossible to recreate with stencils.  The solution?  Printing.  This is our first printed pattern - all other floorcloths on our website are hand-stenciled.  We used extremely durable, fade-free UV inks and all other aspects of production are the same as for all of our floorcloths, yielding an incredibly high-quality, durable, beautiful area rug.

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Holmes Linoleum Floorcloth #1

Size: 3' 2" x 5' 2"
Background Color: Beige
Motif Colors: Blue

Currently, the maximum floorcloth size we can produce via print is 3' 8" x 7' 8", but we are looking at methods that will allow for larger sizes.  This floorcloth can be produced in any size up to this maximum.  This floorcloth is in our inventory and available for sale at a price of $640, which represents a 20% discount off of our hand-stenciled floorcloth prices.  

This floorcloth is in our inventory and available for immediate shipment.

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